Zensho means “living completely.” The inspiration for our name comes from Tesshū Yamaoka (1836-1888), a man of selfless action who played an influential role in Japan’s restoration of the Emperor Meiji in 1868. He is better known, however, as a calligraphist and martial artist. Tesshū established the Mutō-ryū sword school and later in life founded a hermitage named Zenshō-an. It still exists in Tokyo’s Taitō Ward.

"Zensho" by Masaaki Hatsumi, 34th Grandmaster
of the Togakure Ryū Ninpo Taijutsu tradition.


More than mere arbitrary graphic designs, our hexagram logos all come from the Taoist classic I Ching, and each, complemented by significant color points, expresses the unique principles of its division. As a whole they embody our belief that, while our industry may be characterized by flux, everything is interdependent. Recruiters, clients and candidates need each other to thrive — indeed, they define each other. With this truth guiding our work, everyone wins.


All of us at Zensho Agency wholeheartedly embrace the “living completely” philosophy. Family and friends. Travel. The arts, both martial and fine. Good food. Books. Meditation. And buckets of laughter. Expansion always, in all ways. Everyone in our tribe leads a full, balanced existence, and that manifests in the quality of service we provide to those with ​whom we engage.