For Recruiters

When revolution meets fair play, everybody can win. Must.
Our winning vision grew out of a simple mandate: take care of your people.

We have the most progressive culture in the industry. No 9-to-5 office hours, production quotas, or other prehistoric nonsense. No jerks, either. With us you get the freedom to develop your practice, and the leadership, infrastructure and support to help you thrive. Stellar reputation. Cool peers. Harmony. Laughter.

You also get paid like a boss. This is your business after all. Our astronomical compensation plan is commensurate with the value our recruiters provide, and includes profit share, introduction bonuses and other exciting benefits. We’re all about abundance, and we love to spread it around.

Why offer so much?

Because we operate under the exceptionally rare belief that our people should always come first. Seriously. That’s our mission: to liberate. Liberation engenders happiness, and happy people feel driven to improve the lives of others. Like ripples in a pond, the more recruiters we empower, the more the rest of the world changes for the better. This is how we help our planet – one deal at a time.

So what’s the catch?

Hopefully you are. But if it seems too good to be true, drop by and let us share the deets. And once you know we’re for real, don’t envy us.

Join us.

Want to love recruiting again?