Glen Hung

Practice: Industrial, Energy & Mobility


My YouTube channel, biking to a faraway beach for an overnight with the elements, or how to talk your way onto a basketball team using only sign language.


At Zensho Agency, we say there’s no such thing as work-life balance because it’s all one. That’s especially true for Glen, who’s about the purest recruiter you’re likely to meet. He was born and raised in Kaohsiung, which, despite being Taiwan’s second-largest city, has a towny atmosphere, where people’s smiles are as warm as the weather, and even restaurant food has a home-cooked taste. Glen’s parents both work in sales, and instilled in him a love of commerce and the kind of social flexibility that only comes from daily communion with others. They sent him to holiday camps to reinforce the message. Then, just to make sure, they sent him to Ohio. Along the way he’d visited Japan and loved it, so after graduation when jobs were scarce at home and in the US, he packed his bags for Tokyo. Following a brief and uninspiring stint in corporate, Glen discovered the executive search profession and right then felt his soul go supernova. To interact with and support others, studying industries and organizations in a constant state of passion and self-improvement – this is what he was born to do. And like his hero author David Goggins in the classic “Can’t Hurt Me,” he was going to give it not 40 but 100 percent. Glen likes sports. The outdoors. The gym. Likes Them. But as far as needs go, if you were to rank his priorities, you’d find food and oxygen come in a distant second and third to his business art. Recruitment is life.