Harue Hirayama

Practice: Technology, Media & Telecommunications


Lattes with Latte on my lap, my secret song and dance routine, or how I got the nickname “fried rice.”


She’s an expert with needle and thread. One glance at the handmade, indigo-dyed clothing and bags she sells under her own YOH (陽) brand tells you that Harue has an exceptional eye for nuance and fit. What inspires her to craft so many one-of-a-kind works? The same thing that gives her such complete job satisfaction: the happiness of others. Harue is not alone in her admiration of Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People, but unlike most fans of the classic, she actually uses its wisdom to effect positive life changes in those lucky enough to know and work with her. Indeed, that book is what inspired her to become a recruiter in the first place. Born and raised in Kurashiki, Okayama, Harue moved to Vancouver for high school before she could even speak English, and though she fell in love with British Columbia’s crown jewel, NYC’s charms (as revealed to her through Sex and The City), drew her to resettle and find her own cosmopolitan edge at university in The Big Apple. Once back in Japan she stepped naturally into executive search, and it wasn’t long before her passion for freedom and excellence brought her to Zensho Agency. Where, with her personal motto of “get s**t done” already hanging on our wall, she continues to grow her reputation for hustle, heart and honesty. “The joy of stitching,” said designer Tilly Walnes,“is knowing that no one else has the same outfit as you,” but our Tech, Media & Telecom star takes this philosophy to the world. Because whether she’s sewing dream connections between her clients and candidates or a unique piece of fashion wear, Harue makes magic.