Maurice L. Rabb

Practice: Legal


Being featured in a documentary on the Oprah Winfrey Show, cheerleading for NBA icon Allen Iverson, and watching the sun rise over the Great Wall of China.


As a kid in school, he was Motormouth because he always had the answer.
These days he’s better known simply as Mo. Whatever the nickname, you get a monster mix of mojo and moxey with the man from Moline, IL. That’s the home of John Deere – appropriate hometown, since Maurice pulls harder than a tractor when given the chance to effect change for the common good. Having spent two years teaching in Japan before law school, he returned in 2006 to work as a lawyer for MoFo (Morrison & Foerster), and then left private practice to help build a K-12 education-related NPO. He eventually returned to private practice to help a large Japanese firm bring their lawyering into the 21 st century. He was so successful at it that MoFo asked him back to manage their recruitment, diversity and inclusion, and attorney training programs, but in time Mo’s entrepreneurial spirit took over again, and he moved on to agency recruiting. Professional, progressive and passionate – is it any wonder Mo joined our tribe? “Visionary versus the Stone Age” is how he compares us to other firms. “I’m here to disrupt the legal industry’s status quo. The Agency gives me the support to help lawyers lawyer better.” Mo also runs, a website that showcases his thought leadership in attorney development and technology. When not actively making the world a better place, Mo can be found networking or relaxing at a provincial hot spring. Want the lowdown on what’s making the legal industry tick?

Give him a call. Because Mo really does have the answers.

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