Michael Burmeister

Practice: Insurance


Sharing a croissant with Mikhail Gorbachev’s wife, being fed rat poison by a doctor on Friday the 13th , or what it feels like to lose 30 kilos in eight months.


As a schoolkid, Michael was known as “he who listens to the voice of Buddha” because of his contemplative nature. Fitting, then, that he wound up as our man in Thailand – the first Agency principal to plant tent pegs outside Japan. Back in the 90s when German reunification was hurting the hospitality job market, Michael turned adversity into opportunity by taking an internship at a Bangkok hotel, and felt an instant affinity for Thai culture. After making himself fluent in the language, he all but cornered the market for German-Thai business translation, and it wasn’t long before his impressive bicultural skill set earned him a full-time contract abroad. He has enviable left-right brain complementarity – can as easily freestyle on jazz piano as write an algorithm – so Michael found it a cinch to lateral from the hospitality industry into corporate IT, Finance and Commercial Management. And now recruitment, where he leverages his broad market wisdom and consulting experience in the insurance world. He loves The Agency for having scrapped the strict corporate governance that typifies other firms. “This is a place of professional cooperation and openness,” he says. “Mutual benefit guided by an entrepreneurial spirit.” And we love him for being positive, dependable, and as patient as earth. A brilliant outside-the-box problem solver. When not playing with his son, Michael likes cooking, good whiskey and cigars. He also still enjoys meditating on spiritual questions. So the next time you‘re in Thailand and spot a reclining Buddha, say hello. It might just be him.

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